by the sea two

Heaven on Earth
for Seva

When do we come down from heaven
that mellowful plain of dreams
where you love me whole
as if I came from you.
How else could it be
my happiness, my fate.

In you heaven is omnipresent
kneeling inside our
hallowed place
our inheritance.
It will never drift unbeknownst
into the locking folds
of memory
for it will never cease.

Heaven is Aristotle’s
perfect contemplation
the indivisible mover
celestial inward sky.
Heaven is our love.
Love is our heaven.


for Marie
you always with me
me always with you
desire shared
relation lucent
ineffable link
abrupt dislocation
you, part of me now
how can this be
our soulful tether?
love has taken root
imbued with the other
logic irrelevant
lifeblood triumphant
ceaseless concern
self extended
eternal solicitude
you reach in to my thoughts
from a thousand miles away
love, our gift and creation
a carefully tended garden
nurtured together
calls to us through the ether



What About Love
for Seva

Love is not a transaction
but a transcendence.

Love is not a selfishness
but a radiance
ineffable and wide.

Love is not a ladder
but an already there.

Love is not a slog
but an ahh.

Love is not a recipe for confusion
but a bright clarity.

Love is not a bed of nails in an icy cavern
but a long sought-after shelter
that calls the heart its home.


Tree of Life
for Seva

While you carve trenches
in the Earth
to divert run-off
from the Cheyenne
I sit in the humid quiet
a thousand miles away
and write.
About us.
the us that is becoming–
something of a breeze
airing out old harms
and loneliness,
birthing newness into life,
a life to be
to see
await and imagine–
a tree with sapling branches
leaning towards the
enveloping light.


It’s True
for Seva

It’s true:
You are my true love.
You tell me I am your stars, your moon.
How can my words compare to yours
my new lover poet?
You’ve charmed me,
endeared me to you
with your long love
and health,
your feathered breathing
in the night.

It’s true:
You are my wonder.
You tell me I am your wine, your sweet.
Oh! These words soothe my wearied soul
I am weary, but soulful, too.

It’s true:
You are my perfect proof of love.
You tell me you are drunk on me day and night.
I swoon as you kiss my neck
from 1,311 miles away.
Your lips feel like a grazing over me—
a mystical caress until our joyous reunion.

It’s true:
You are my true love.
You tell me, I am yours.
You tell me, you are mine.
That is enough.
Until tomorrow
when I will want more of you.
To drink you down into my soul.
Your healing grace has made me weep.


Remember Me
for Seva

Suddenly my world glistens
Tears of joy, you repeat in your sleep.
Tears of joy
for me?
For me!
‘All I want,’ you write
is me.
How can this be?
All you need
a dream
a watchful hour
an awakening prayer
a kiss.

No matter what, you cross.
You step not timidly
but in cheerful solidarity
you carry
(as ee cummings wrote)
my heart in your heart.

You are my infinite
Remember me
in sun
in coolness
in rain
Remember me
in your lonely moment
in seeking
in celebration

Remember me
in your search for beauty
indelible tide
in your wonder about
this place
our lives


 So You Tell Me
for Seva

How does one get as sweet as you
drunk on honey all the time?
No walking on burning coals
but on flower petals strewn
upon our path of love.
You sweatily tromp over bridges, too
and lift heavy objects.
Whatever is in your way,
keeping you from me
you reorder with swiftness–
love seat, coffee table
painting of wild horses.

A Pisces, you are fastidiously smart
and poetic, too
skillfully assembling into words
the visions and rhythms of your heart,
a heart that beats only for me
so you tell me in the night.



My Wine, My Sweet
for Mishie

As if you didn’t know, my love
You are my honey, my wine, my sweet
I’m drunk on you both day and night
And you, the root of my desperate acts
To overcome impediments and tempests
It’s you, the sun and moon and stars
It’s true, my heart, it beats for you
For I carry your heart with me
I carry it in my heart


together, wild and free
for Mishie

spark, chance, reaction
at once, just you, and me
us, a momentous honor
together, wild and free
playful risks rewarded
memories shown and shared
foundation built on hopes and dreams
destined to be a pair
reciprocal leanings, repartee
old friends become new friends
compliments, hints and allusions
please don’t let this end
island showers enticing thoughts
imagination so amusing
loving this romantic chase
hearts begin infusing
coincidental pinecones
rise from ashes, strong but fragile
poise, grace and beauty
kind, smart, and surely agile
hearing a sweet melody
possibilities abound
wind and horses in tandem
in the sky and on the ground
both open and with purpose
you’re gorgeous, lovely, amazing
you’re handsome, dreamy, visit me
neglected ardor blazing


Reminiscence a Day Later
for Seva

A contemplative morning
on the last day
wrapped in Seva’s arms.
On the veranda
I looked at light
through the trees,
my senseful mind
sifting through crisp birdsong
and the highway’s
calming purr.

Can I remember
through this competing din
the horses painted
wild on the plain?

Seva and I met him
at Cheyenne Frontier Days,
the artist who painted horses
starting in swaths of purple
(he never uses black he told me as I cried).

The painting drew me in
bowled me over, thunderstruck;
the canvas thirsty-bright
like a cradling land.

Bold strands of purple
the color of royalty
captured quiet zeal in motion.
Hooves through tall grass
manes swept loose
alive in the abstract landscape
born from the artist’s eye
now breathing outside his dream
living beyond his sight
living inside of me.

The wind.
It was about the horses
and the wind
in Wyoming—
how free they are
but only in tandem.

One without the other—
horses without wind
wind without horses,
would be mild and tame.
Together they run and flow
gallop and whirl
in all their magnificent

I’d never seen horses
as beautiful as
those on the artist’s plain.
Their brilliance brought to me
the soft nuzzle
of a horse’s nostrils
felt in cupped hands,
mingling with the image of art
aswirl in my memory.

Walking through the gallery
with my new lover,
my heart was open
and wild and free.
Wrapped in his love
I was seeing everything
I had never seen before


All I Want
for Mishie

All I want to see
the many facets
of you, Marie

All I want to hear
your soothing words
upon my ear

All I want to taste
your glowing skin
your lips my fate

All I want to smell
breathe you in
and know you well

All I want to touch
Am I asking for
too much?

All I want to feel
our newfound love
becoming real


backseat seclusion
for Mishie

cover of darkness, backseat seclusion
out of sight, tenuous secrecy
stars aligned, serendipity found
exploring, touching, hands holding
furtive encounter, indulgence fleeting
fickle memories faded
tender longing stifled
motives unencumbered
lessons learned
courage summoned
closed doors creaking open
inch by inch
clues left
cues taken
care taken
earth shaken
beauty shared
opportunities offered
possibilities abound
vision blurred
neglected ardor revived
beautiful goddess beloved

hidden in the past
sweet melody of the night
soft voices flutter


haiku for Seva

night garden walking
song of cicadas dance
cool air a blanket

energy inside the air
wind a mighty force

internal imperfection
a scarred heart sings the bluebird
windchimes bells that toll